Successful Delivery – Guaranteed

What does Successful Delivery look like?

To us it means 20 years of:

  • Zero programme /project failures
  • Consistent follow on work from clients
  • Happy customers
  • Every invoice paid

The Delivery Challenges

The delivery challenges facing customers and suppliers include:

  • Are you constantly re-planning and never on schedule?
  • Is there finger pointing between delivery partners?
  • Are there poor / inconsistent quality deliverables: ultimately not acceptable to end users?
  • Are clients complaining of poor support to installed customer base and leaving?
  • Does the ecosystem consist of many Delivery Partners?

Key components of Successful Delivery – Guaranteed

For K2CP, the key to our success can be split into three main components:

Get it right first time
  • K2CP’s Digital Delivery Platform (K2DPP) focuses on the early establishment of delivery best practice through the sales process, mobilisation and post go live support
  • K2DPP is a platform that enables Programmes / Projects to be ‘Certified’
  • K2DPP covers all the core Programme / Project processes, including: governance, mobilisation, planning, resourcing, risk management, change management, programme management, release management
  • Defined and agreed Quality Criteria are key and enable clarity in what is being delivered and whether it meets the standard
Ongoing delivery assurance
  • K2CP’s Delivery Assurance (K2DA) uses the established Governance controls required to certify delivery at each stage of the project life cycle
  • At regular intervals the progress of each Programme / Project should be checked by an independent authority to ensure that things are actually on track and that an intervention is not required
  • These reviews are baked into the process, DA time is part of the K2CP offering, and are a key part of the success
  • DA is an independent authority, reporting to Programme governance and to K2CP Leadership NOT through the Programme / Project leadership chain of command
Recovering ailing programmes
  • K2CP’s Healthcheck (K2HC) enables rapid assessment of Programmes and Projects
  • Hypothesis based approach is both repeatable and customisable for different customer situations
  • Small, highly experienced team and short duration means no major investment needed and results available rapidly
  • Approach is to work with the stakeholders to identify and prioritise the root causes and to come up with solutions that are workable in the client’s organisation, with the focus on immediate action
  • Can be used as part of regular reviews against progress