Project & programme delivery


K2CP has a 20-year track record of programme and project sucess with zero failures. This is partly attributable to the scale and quality of our Programme and project management team. We have over 120 top quality and experienced Programme managers and over 300 Business and IT project managers.

These PPM’s can work within a full K2CP team or as single consultants working with a mixed hybrid client team. We have successfully delivered on complex programmes working with a blend of client staff, independent contractors and large SI’s/consulting firms.

Our customers often tell us

  • They struggle to deliver successful programs
  • Their program portfolio costs too much
  • They don’t have the correct skills and resources when needed
  • Benefits often don’t materialise once a program goes live
  • They are too reliant on individual contractors
  • Management of disparate providers and vendors is a real overhead

K2CP can provide project management as a service (PMaaS)

  • PMaaS is the outsourcing of part or all of an organisation’s project management capability to a key partner
  • Based upon the customer’s needs it can include the 4 Ps, (Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management and PMO). But in short can be all aspects of an organisation’s Project delivery capability
  • Rather than a fixed resource model, customers typically want a flexible arrangement with minimum and maximum forecasted resources. This may be revised on a monthly / quarterly basis to meet operational needs
  • The Program Director / Manager will remain a constant contact for the relationship and be responsible for every aspects of the delivery and quality for the client. This is a key role of ‘Trusted Delivery Partner’
  • K2CP can offer PMaaS at scale, we have over 100 Programme Managers and over 300 Project Managers in network

PMaaS – K2CP benefits in detail

  • PMaaS is designed to optimise project spend in a commercial viable model focusing on real benefits and returns
  • Professional managed programs / initiatives with a ‘Trusted delivery Partner’ shared risk / reward
  • Continually tailoring and scaling the service to meet clients’ requirements. Implicitly the client can ramp up and achieve a higher level of delivery / change with increased capacity
  • The arrangement puts the clients delivery capability on a more commercial results orientated basis
  • Customers gain access to professional resources of a leading services organisation to meet their needs. A complete scalable model
  • K2CP takes responsibility for the appointment, onboarding, education and development of resources
  • Customers with an integrated mixed team approach benefit from skills transfer and upskilling. K2CP shares good practice learning with the client
  • Access to an optimised resourcing and set up model specific to client’s needs
  • Clear governance and accountability models with inbuilt quality and control. All our work is Quality Assured