Author: Philip Sweetman

Cloud Migration – the main obstacle to making a decision

Background In his recent article, Are we back to the ‘70s yet? , Nigel looked at the historical context for Cloud Migration concluding that, although there are some immediate similarities with the old style ‘computer bureau’ firms of the past, there are also significant differences. Enterprise technology solutions such as ERP/HCM/CRM/EAM have gone full circle […]

Cloud Migration Survey

Hi all… as part of K2CP’s preparations for the launch of a comprehensive assessment of people’s views regarding Cloud Migration, we took a light-hearted look at the historical perspective. We started with the payroll and finance Bureau processing firms of the ‘60s and ‘70s and looked at the evolution of ERP support through to the modern […]

Are we back to the ‘70s yet?

No, this isn’t a blog about energy crises, supply chain issues, spiralling cost of living or overworked medical services even though these topics do seem to be somewhat familiar.   This is about the increasing trend towards adopting standardised software solutions to run businesses using outsourced platforms – and the required managerial disciplines – as an […]